We do not have a lot of structure in the LaunchPad but here are a few rules of etiquette we follow to keep the place humming.

  1. Win-win situation. Part of the beauty of the space is that the people here are willing to contribute to the success of others around them. Collaboration is a strong theme – It is possible that you will asked for advice and you can feel free to seek help from the other members.
  2. Coffee, Beverages, Snacks. All members of the LaunchPad contribute to the community coffee, beverage (including beer) and snack pile. You can help yourself to whatever you like – just give more than you take.
  3. Break out rooms. The main office space is a working zone for people who are concentrating. If you need to have a conversation, keep it reasonably quiet or transition into the breakout rooms so you let others work in peace. Break out rooms are the best spot for video calls, phone calls, and visitors.
  4. Sometimes we play competitive games. Push-ups, daily-water consumption, squats, etc.